This site was founded to give bullhead fishermen a community of their own.  The bullhead is loved by some and hated by many.  Those many are largely uninformed, referring to bullheads as “mud cats” and feeling they are nothing but a bait stealing menace.

Those of us who love the bullhead as one of America’s smaller cat fish understand that this is an unfair reputation.

We know the bullhead is a great tasting fish that is abundant and accessible to most people in the United States.  We know that while there are a lot of really little bullheads out there that there are big ones for the species too, and that they can be as challenging to target as just about any species.

We have quite a few goals here at BullHeadFishing.com

  1.  To form a community where those of us who pursue bullhead cats can share tips, tackle, tactics, recipes and ideas for finding more places to fish for bullheads.
  2. To encourage adults to use bullhead fishing as a great way to get young anglers hooked on fishing in general.
  3. To promote the use of bullhead as a food source for fisherman in America.  While conservation and common sense limits to harvest are important, bullheads breed at such a rate that they are one of the most sustainable fish species for harvest in America.  In many instances they are under harvested in many small bodies of water leading to stunted growth.  So sensible harvest can actually be helpful to many populations.
  4. To get people off the fricken couch and out side in nature.  Due to how prolific the bullhead is, access is available to almost anyone that will extend a bit of effort.  Unlike many forms of fishing that can be extremely expensive, bullhead fishing can be done by anyone at any income level.  Gear is minimal and in general while they can be helpful boats are simply not required.
  5. To encourage the use of bullhead in sustainable food production systems.  While the bullhead is highly unlike to be farmed on commerical scale, its toughness, ease of breeding, food value, growth rate and willingness to eat just about anything makes it  great species for hobby and small scale aquaculture and aquaponics.

So if you love the bullhead as much as we do or just want to learn more about it, join The Brotherhood of Bullhead Fisherman today.