Hit the Culverts, Bridges, Over Passes and Shade Lines for Summer Bullheads

As you watch the short video below think about the fact that most fishermen know the true golden rule of fishing, even if they don’t call it that, frankly they tend to follow it.  The golden rule of fishing is simply…

All fish relate to structure and edge.

This is why you will see a guy in a boat that could fish anywhere on a huge lake cruising the shore, or a kid with a cane pole dropping a bobber just on the edge of a weed line, etc.

We all know this intuitively, we as fisherman naturally seek cover and the edges they provide, though often we ignore structure that is not actually in the water.  In this video it is sort of both, but simply put the fish are inside the culvert because of not only the in water structure but the above cover creating shade when water temperatures are high.

When hunting bullheads we are often in smaller bodies of water, they warm up faster and this is good early on, when it is still cold and the bullheads are moving slow or still hiding in the mud burrows.  But when the heat really climbs these same bodies of water get like a warm bath and fish will retreat to cooler locations.

So when you are having trouble finding bullheads (and frankly many other fish) look for anything creating shade, especially in the hottest part of the day.  Such as this guys culvert honey hole.  Other options are bridges and over passes, docks and even over hanging trees that create cooler micro climates.

The video below by Isaac’s Fishing Corner is a perfect example of this concept.  Small pond, right in the middle of town and he is pulling them out left and right.

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